BBC Antiques Roadtrip come to Tongland!

29th May 2019
by Rowan McCleary

Amongst the recent tours at Tongland, we had a visit from the Antiques Roadtrip

The Eco Committee from Dalbeattie Primary put on a fantastic display of their Eco School journey
The Eco Committee from Dalbeattie Primary put on a fantastic display of their Eco School journey

At the very end of March, Stuart and Rowan hosted a tour with a difference as the Antiques Roadtrip came to Galloway!  Those familiar with the show will know that two antique experts are given a budget of £200 each to purchase antiques or collectables which are sold at auction.  On their travels, the team also tour the area looking for points of interest and the Galloway Hydro Scheme was an obvious highlight on their trip to Dumfries and Galloway.  Beginning their filming at Tongland Power Station, we were joined by antique expert Philip Serrell who will be presenting the show when it airs later this year.  Watch this space!

Elsewhere, Rowan has been assisted by Drax in some recent primary school trips to the station and dam at Tongland.  Two weeks ago, we were joined by Dalbeattie Primary School and this week, by Wallace Hall Primary School.  Rowan and Jamie also attended a special assembly at Dalbeattie Learning Centre, to celebrate the Primary School's success in being awarded their 6th Eco School Flag.  To help achieve their latest flag, the Eco Committee were involved in GFT's Salmon in the Classroom Project as well as the Save the Sparling Project with Jack Wootton in early 2018.  Read all about this fantastic achievement via the school blog here.  GFT would like to say a special thank you to Alex Howie who's drive and enthusiasm has made it a most enjoyable experience teaching the children how to care for and protect their local native fish populations.  It was fantastic to hear through the readings and songs delivered by children at the assembly, the depth of appreciation they hold for the natural environment.  Well done to all involved and we look forward to being part of the Eco Committee/Eco School journey in future!        

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Annan Riparian Restoration Network

GFT has been successful in securing funding from the FIRNS scheme to develop a large-scale habitat restoration project for the River Annan catchment.

Improving fish passage and river flow below Tongland Dam

SEPA have been undertaking a review of the current CAR license which the Galloway Hydro Scheme operates under.

Kirkcowan Fishing Competition

On Saturday 26th August we held our annual Kirkcowan Fishing Competition. 35 adults and 12 juniors entered the competition this year, providing a fund of £211 that is put back into the event via prizes and a buffet.