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Anglers - please help us!

06 July 2016

Information sheet for anglers

Information sheet for anglers

Measuring tape and scale packets

Measuring tape and scale packets

Last month we started a project (supported by the Cree, Urr, Luce and Bladnoch District Salmon Fishery Boards) to investigate the 'grilse error' correction factor used by Marine Scotland Science when calculating 'Conservation Limits' which are now being used to categorise rivers.

The 'grilse error' is used to change the reported mix of grilse and salmon supplied by beat owners to Marine Scotland before it is used in the Conservation Limit calculations.  This can move up to 40% of the reported multi-sea winter salmon into the grilse category instead.  Ultimately this removes many salmon eggs from their calculations compared to using just reported rod catches, which, if the 'grilse error' was incorrect, could suggest the rivers have lower fish stocks than they actually do. It is therefore important we all know whether it is correct or not for the Solway rivers.  As you will know, the Solway rivers have all been designated as ‘Category 3’ rivers so all salmon and grilse caught by anglers must be released after capture.

For the 2016 season we are asking anglers on the Cree, Urr, Luce and Bladnoch if they could collect a scale sample, in specially designed scale packets, from their rod caught fish. We then require the angler to take an accurate length of the fish (measuring tapes are provided) and write on the scale packet whether they think the fish is a grilse or a salmon. There is also a handout giving advice on what information to collect if you wish to assist in this project.  Fish welfare is paramount so anglers should try and keep the fish in the water as much as possible during the process of collecting the scales and data collection.

Most of the fishing beats across the Luce, Bladnoch, Cree and Urr have agreed to assist with this project and have the information sheets, scales packets and tape measures to distribute to their anglers.  Some beats have left it to individual anglers to get in touch directly with GFT if they wish to get involved.  For further details please contact Jamie Ribbens on 01671 403011 or     

Thank you to everyone who is gathering information and helping with this work.  We will provide regular updates on how the project is going and the results found through our facebook page.

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